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Getting Started with Social Media

COMPNCR 1670, Course Code: 8910

Are you finally ready to learn why sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are such a big deal? Have you found it easier to dismiss social media as a "silly childish fad" rather than try to understand why it's so popular? This class is designed to erase your cynicism by introducing you to the most popular sites, explaining their purpose and walking you through how to use them. Security and privacy settings will also be discussed. One thing is certain, social media isn't just for kids anymore. Businesses are using it, politicians are using it and the fastest growing group of users is adults over 55. So come see what all the buzz is about. Social media is the new mass communication platform for family, business and us.

Course Fee:
$35.00, includes materials

# of Sessions:

Shull,Joshua Preston


Tuesday from 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Instructional Commons North, Room 1002