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Fly Your Sweetie to the Moon: A Valentine Mission

SCIENCE 1046, Course Code: 5863

Nothing is more romantic on Valentine's Day than a candlelight dinner with the one you love?unless you're "flying to the moon!" This magical evening begins with a candlelight Italian dinner of delicious lasagna (meat or vegetarian), crisp romaine lettuce salad and fresh baked bread. Next, join the Challenger Learning Center staff as we fly 15 couples (adults only, please) to the moon for a simulated space mission. Cake and punch are provided half way through the mission when we take a break and reflect upon the developments that took place during the mission. Upon completion of the mission each couple is provided with a photo, flowers and chocolates.

Course Fee:
$90.00, per couple

# of Sessions:

Shrewsbury,Stacey L


Tuesday from 6:00PM to 9:30PM

Challenger Learning Center
Astroth Community Education Center
1500 West Raab Road
Normal, IL 61761