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Severe Storm Spotting

SCIENCE 1079, Course Code: 5672

Severe storm spotters are a VITAL part of the warning process! Spotters provide critical, potentially life saving information to their communities and surrounding locations - and to NWS forecasters who are using the reports to help issue warnings and keep the public updated during severe weather events. The "Severe Weather Spotter Training Class" covers the following topics, thunderstorm development and features, types of thunderstorms - especially those that impact Illinois, types of tornadoes and the tornado life cycle, non-tornadic severe weather, spotter challenges and safety, and effective spotter reports ? what to report and who to report to. The class is appropriate for people new to storm spotting, as well as those that need an annual refresher class. Storm spotters must be at least 18 years of age, however the material covered in this class is also suitable as educational information for those under 18.

Course Fee:
$0.00, free, but must preregister

# of Sessions:

Instructor,National Weather Service


Monday from 6:30PM to 9:00PM

Astroth Community Ed Center, Room 2210