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Accounting Fundamentals

BUSNNCR 1213, Course Code: 6038

This course is designed for small business owners and students who want to acquire basic accounting skills. Work through the entire accounting cycle using various small business case studies. Learn about the rules of debits and credits, and working with T-accounts. Gain knowledge of the general ledger and learn to make adjusting entries. Analyze business transactions and see how they fit into the basic accounting equation. You will get practice doing the accounting for a small business for an entire month and preparing the financial statements. Your instructor makes it painless and perhaps even enjoyable.

Course Fee:
$99.00, includes text

# of Sessions:

Cameron,Janet Sue

4/16/12 to 4/25/12

Monday, Wednesday from 4:30PM to 6:30PM

Lincoln HCC Center, Room 112
620 Broadway St
Lincoln, IL 62656