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CISCO Quality of Service: CCIP-QOS

COMPNCR 1787, Course Code: 4841

This course includes topics such as IP QoS Fundamentals, IP QoS Components, Modular QoS CLI and Auto-QoS. Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to give a description of a converged network, identify problems that could lead to poor quality of service and explain how the problems might be resolved, define the term Quality of Service (QoS) and identify and explain the key steps to implementing QoS on a converged network; List and explain the models for providing Quality of Service on a network; Explain the purpose and function of the DiffServ model and correctly match the QoS actions to mechanisms for implementing QoS and identify where in a network the different QoS mechanisms are commonly used.

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Instructor,Omnikron University

7/9/12 to 7/20/12

On-line Course - No location