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Green Your Curriculum

PROFDVLP 1476, Course Code: 4843

Learn how to prepare your students to think critically about a world where sustainability is interwoven into the fabric of nearly all aspects of civic life and culture. Many Heartland professors have participated in the Greening Your Curriculum faculty academy and now this training is available for instructors in any discipline from K-12 and higher education. Matt Felumlee, Heartland English Professor, has helped instructors from business, English, nursing, art, humanities, the sciences, technology and more integrate environmental, economic and/or social aspects of sustainability into assignments, lesson plans, courses and entire programs. Attendees should enter this course prepared to explore possibilities for integrating sustainability concerns into at least one aspect of a given course. This is a hybrid course that uses Blackboard online course management system to supplement face-to-face time in class.

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Felumlee,Matthew R

6/4/12 to 8/1/12

On-line Course - No location