Parent & Child Space Rocks- Ages 3-8

SCIENCE 1256, Course Code: 2793

Join us at the Challenger Learning Center for a parent & child "out of this world" adventure. Winter is the perfect time to learn what's visible in the sky as it provides clearer viewing opportunities . Look up and decide, "It's a comet! Oh wait, a meteor, a meteorite or is it an asteroid!?" You'll also discover the difference between space rocks and what they're made of. You and your child will build a real comet and watch the process of sublimation that comets experience from the sun's solar winds. Your child will also build their own comet to take home. ***Each parent and child must register for the class.***

Course Fee:

Each parent and child must register and pay the fee for this course.

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Saturday from 9:00AM to 10:30AM

Astroth Community Ed Center, Room 1200

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